About Me

Annette Hetrick

People who know Annette Hetrick say, “She was born to be a real estate agent”.

Annette Hetrick has a strong background in working with people.  She was raised on a dairy farm and started waiting on customers at her family’s roadside fruit stand at 9 years of age. Working in retail, the medical field, as a property manager, as a tour guide and owning/operating her own retail store has taught Annette many skills useful in Real Estate. Her full time career in real estate began in 2006. All of these past experiences have helped her to be in the top 1% of the 1000+ Realtors in N.E. Wisconsin.

All of her vast people experience has helped Annette understand how to listen to her clients’ needs & wants and then turn those into actionable tasks.  Annette’s clients have called her organized, professional, genuine, hard working, creative & energetic.  Having moved over 26 times in her life, she understands that buying and selling homes can be exciting and at the same time overwhelming.  Annette prides herself on making the process as simple and stress free as possible.

North East Wisconsin has been her home since 1990.  She and her husband Wade have two grown sons, Garrett & Austin, who are both opening the doors of their own life adventures. When Annette isn’t working her door is always open to entertaining family and friends. (The more the merrier is her mantra.)  She has a passion for investing in young peoples lives, enjoys board/card games, boating, camping, traveling, crafting of all kinds, reading & movies.

Above all, Annette cherishes the many times she has helped people

Open a New Door.

She came up with the concept of Opening New Doors while she was in Ireland.  The front doors of homes in Ireland are a variety of colors, making the otherwise similar homes look very unique.  She compares this to the home buying/selling process. Every buyer and seller has similar needs, but each transaction is unique. Every new door of your life is the opening of a new season, a new adventure.  She is committed to dealing with her clients personally, promptly, and professionally.

(920) 832-8648

(920) 832-8648

Give her a call today so she can help you. Open Your New Door.