Spring in January

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.

Realtors get a little bored in January.

They don’t have a ton of listings.

Buyers in the Midwest aren’t in a huge hurry to freeze their faces off to look at listings.

It’s kinda slow.

Molasses in January slow.

Now, about the middle of March, everyone who wants to sell their house this year is gonna get busy.

They are going to call a few realtors.

They are going to ask questions, need a market analysis, and make decisions.

March is when they will begin to think about the list of projects that need to get done.

Would you like to know my tip for selling your home quickly in a spring market?

Call your agent today.

In the middle of a cold spell.

Call while she has the time to give you her undivided attention.

Call while he isn’t buried in buyers and sellers.

Ask him to give you some tips on how to prepare your home for that May market now.

You might as well…there’s no fun to be had outside when its -20.

You can work on that to do list now.

Paint, de-clutter, and prepare your home to glisten for showings.

Your realtor may even provide you with a free consultation with a home staging consultant like me.

I can help you decide what to keep, store, or donate.

I can recommend which rooms to paint.

I can guide you through how to highlight your home’s potential.


Then, when March rolls around….you will be ahead of the curve, the competition, the 8 ball.

You name it…you’ll be the first house listed and ready to go with an agent you trust.

See, that’s how you create spring in January.

Heather Anderson is a staging consultant whose specialty in de-cluttering  will guide you through the creative process of simplifying, strategizing, and staging your home for a quick sale.

Check out her blog here http://www.elbowroomnudge.com/

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