Writing the Offer

What do you need to consider before writing an offer:

  • Offer Price?
  • Earnest Money Amount?
  • Closing Date?
  • What Type of Financing? -Conventional, FHA, VA, Etc. (You should have discussed this with your lender during the pre-approval process)
    • How Much Money will you be putting Down?
    • Interest Rate Lender Quoted?
    • Mortgage length?
    • Do You Require Seller Assistance with your Closing Costs?
  • Do you want a Home Inspection?
  • Do you want A Radon Test?
  • Do you want to perform a Lead Based Paint Test?
  • What Appliances has Seller said they would Leave?
  • What Appliances are you asking Seller to Leave?
  • If this property has a well/septic do you want to test/inspect those?
  • Any other requests/tests/inspections?