Buying a House? Writing the Offer

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Buying A Home | 0 comments

Thinking about buying a home? Click here for a some additional information.  (Thinking About Buying A Home?  )

You have found the one?  Now it is time to write the offer!   Are you a first time home buyer?  Maybe this  is not your first rodeo.  Whichever the case this video is brief explanation of some of the terms and contingencies for you need to think about before writing the offer.

Have you tried writing offers before and can’t get yours accepted?
I have some strategies we can use to help get your offer accepted in this current crazy market.

Need to sell your home first?  Let me help you navigate buying and selling in this market.  You want to buy a new home but have to sell your current one but you don’t want to be homeless?  I have some ideas for that as well.  My ideas do not include living with me while you look for a home!  Lol  Click here to see why: The Little House On the Channel Pt 1-Squeezing In


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