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I originally posted this in April of 2017

If you have not read any of my other posts about “The Little House on The Channel” you would not know that my house is 780 Sq Feet.  Not a tiny house because those are typically under 400 Square feet, but small nonetheless.  


We are hosting an engagement party at our home in the middle of April.  We live in Wisconsin.  The middle of April could be 70 degrees and sunny but most likely will be 40 degrees and raining.  We are expecting approximately 75 people.  We like a challenge!

In our part of the country having parties in your garage is acceptable.  I am not a fan. However, I have no choice if I want to host it at my home.  I am a fan of having lots of friends and family at my house.  Therefore, we will be relying on our garage again for additional living space (see: Little House on The Channel –Hosting Toddlers).  

My goal is to have the party in the garage but not feel like you are in a garage. I am hoping for airy, white, spring feel.

My husband and brother–in-law came up with a way to hang curtains to cover the shelving units and the workbench.  We found 30 white twin sheets on craigslist that we will hang as curtains.  We ordered curtain clips from Ikea to hang said sheets from the cable.  I have been scouring thrift stores for lace tablecloths and curtains to hang with the sheets.  There will be white icicle lights involved somehow behind the curtains and the large bulb patio lights strung from the ceiling.  

My husband stained the concrete garage floor a very pretty marble looking brown.  We even have a large print to hang on the one wall that will not get the curtains.    We will have fresh tulips, white tablecloths, my very fun painted metal chairs and good food.

We will hope for no rain so that we can have a fire in the fire pit and use the restaurant style heat lamp we purchased.  Maybe it will be warm enough that people can lounge on the patio in their spring jackets.  Some may even see if they can catch a fish in the channel.

Of course I am letting you in on all the plans.  I will post again after so you and I can both compare how my thoughts lined up with reality.    Stay Tuned!!


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