The Little House on the Channel Pt 3 -How Do you Live?

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My husband and I live in a 1-bedroom/1.5 bath 780 Square foot home on a lovely little channel across the street from a lake.  If you came to my house you would be surprised to see a very normal sized kitchen. Roughly 250 Square Feet (SF) of the 780 SF is devoted to the kitchen/dining area, almost 1/3 of the entire home. In fact my kitchen is bigger than a friend of mine who lives in a 1600+SF house.  

We love to entertain.   Having a kitchen that was large enough for multiple cooks in it at the same time was important to us.  We also wanted a breakfast bar or an island that people could sit at to visit with us while we prepped food.  A “normal” sized kitchen was a priority when we were discussing the remodeling of the home.  

We love to have a variety of people around our dining table. We have a unique table that opens up to easily seat 10 people. When it is nice enough to sit outside we often eat in my “formal” dining room (aka the deck).

How do you LIVE in your House?  

What you are looking for in your next home? 

 Do you like to entertain?  Do you need an office or a craft room? Do you need multiple living spaces?  A large gourmet kitchen might sound sexy but if you never cook maybe that doesn’t make the cut.  Where, as a family, do you spend your time?  What hobbies do you have?

Also consider what your needs will be in 5 years.  Is the number of people living in your home going to increase or decrease?  Will the living spaces work when you have your teenager and 6 of their friends over?  Are your physical abilities going to change?  Is laundry in the basement going to become a burden?

The more you understand how you live the easier it will be for you to communicate to your Realtor your wants and needs.   An experienced agent will be able to help you find the right house that you can then turn into a home.


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