12 Ideas for your Spring Cleaning List

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The joy in a breath of fresh, clean, springtime air gets us in the mood for fresh, clean…everything. From the bright springtime colors in our wardrobes to cool, refreshing salads, pretty flowers, and baby birds, we crave the novelty and freshness of spring. A good spring cleaning is just what you need to bring that spring freshness into your home.

Your spring cleaning can be as deep and involved or as quick and painless as you like. Whether you want to empty every cupboard and clean every crevice or just put fresh flowers on the table with a new lemon and lilac candle, the goal is to bring that light, refreshing feeling into your home. Use the ideas below to help you make a plan to welcome spring!

  1. Make a plan – you’re doing it right now. Decide how much time you want to spend on spring cleaning, what you’d like to accomplish, and if you’d like to clean by room or by task.
  2. Include the standards – clear out clutter and organize; clean under, between, behind, above, and inside; clean the appliances; wash the trim work, baseboards, and cupboard doors, wipe down the walls; clean the floors and rugs.
  3. Freshen fabrics – from bed pillows and bulky quilts to couch cushions and curtains, refresh the soft surfaces around your home. Some items go in the washing machine, while others are best hung out in the sun for the day or sprinkled with baking soda and vacuumed.
  4. Electronics and small appliances – replace frayed charging cords, dust behind the TV, clean remotes, and organize video games. Don’t forget the toaster, stand mixer, and coffeemaker.
  5. Dust and clean lights, ceiling fans, lamps, and other fixtures. Switch ceiling fan rotation.
  6. Wash windows and blinds.
  7. Remove hard water buildup from showerheads and faucets. Clean garbage disposal and freshen drains if needed.
  8. Polish and shine – wax floors, oil or polish counters, clean and seal grout, polish metal door and window hardware.
  9. Rotate seasonal decorations, rotate your wardrobe, and store winter items.
  10. Empty, organize, and clean bags and purses. Wash reusable bags. Ensure vehicles are properly equipped.
  11. Clean your cleaning tools – Wash brooms and trash containers, clean vacuum and replace or wash filters, and disinfect toilet cleaning tools.
  12. Health and Safety – check your smoke detectors and CO2 detectors, check your fire extinguishers, restock your first aid kit, and review your fire escape and emergency shelter plans.

Sources: goodhousekeeping.com & thespruce.com.


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