3 Easy Things You Can Do for Earth Day

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The theme for Earth Day 2024 is “Planet vs. Plastics:” There are several benefits to reducing plastics in our world – from production concerns to waste and recycling problems, from air pollution to ocean pollution, and economic disparity issues to workplace safety, there’s room for improvement. The organization EarthDay.org is aiming for a 60% reduction in the production of plastics by 2040.

Although this international environmental initiative aims at global production, technological advancements, and buy-in from governments across the world, we can each help reduce plastic waste in our own circles. Here are a couple of easy ideas to join the movement:

  • Reduce plastic bag use: Those plastic bags from the store pile up quickly, so take reusable bags with you to avoid using plastic store bags. At home you can reuse the plastic bags you have or recycle them. And when shopping for trash bags, look for biodegradable options.
  • Use and wash a water bottle: We’re using plastic beverage bottles at a rate of more than 300 per person per year, and most of them won’t be recycled in the end. A single reusable water bottle can last for years or even decades, depending on your choice. Plus, if you live somewhere with running water, it’s cheap, convenient, and easy to fill your bottle from the tap. If you purchase drinking water from the store, purchase in larger jugs, and look for opportunities to reuse those jugs.
  • Mind your outfit: Fast fashion is a big topic, but there are some little things we can do to help move the needle. In addition to buying fewer, higher-quality items and natural fibers like cotton, linen, or hemp, many brands are now offering 100% recycled fabrics (polyester, viscose (rayon), etc.) You can also choose secondhand clothing, it’s a great way to find unique, interesting items for your closet and give old clothes new life.

Look around your home, what opportunities do you see to reduce single-use plastics? Can you think of ways to reuse the plastics you’d normally send to the recycling bin? Are there any options to purchase items in non-plastic packaging or from a more environmentally-minded brand? Little changes add up and we can all do our part.

Source: earthday.org


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