A New Year’s Resolution to Truly Improve Your Life

by | Jan 1, 2024 | Be Intentional | 0 comments

How about we all make a resolution this January to enjoy life just a little bit more, to expand our worlds just a little bit more, and to share just a little bit more love? It’s no secret that most New Year’s resolutions relate to physical health – new diets, new exercise routines, and new weight goals. And we recognize how important our health is, but there’s so much more to life and we want you to live it all!

Here are a couple of ideas to spark your creativity so you can make the best resolutions for 2024:

  • Try a new recipe every month
  • Listen to more music or a new type of music
  • Light a nice candle while you relax in the evenings
  • Color, sketch, paint, or do any artwork you like
  • Meet somebody for coffee once a month
  • Pick up an instrument you used to play, or take lessons and learn a new one
  • Go outside in the fresh air for 10 minutes every day
  • Get a new puzzle or board game
  • Try a new hobby or craft – knit, crochet, paint figurines, embroider, build birdhouses…
  • Read poetry in the mornings
  • Add board games or puzzles to your weekly routine
  • Read a book from a genre you normally wouldn’t
  • Learn about something you’re curious about
  • Visit a small local or specialty museum or gallery
  • Invite friends over for lunch or dinner
  • Drive a new way home
  • Write 100-300 words – Use story prompts or something that crossed your mind
  • Give a compliment every day, especially to your partner or children
  • Join a book club
  • Stop and enjoy the smell of your coffee or tea, or a fresh crisp snow, just for a second
  • Light up the fireplace
  • Have family dinner together at the table

Don’t save the good stuff, pick a resolution this year that will bring you more smiles, new experiences, and great memories.


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