Annette’s Packing Plan

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I have created this system to keep me organized and to make packing/unpacking as stress free as possible.

  1. Determine a number sequence for each room or area of your house. (ie: kitchen 100’s, family room 200’s, guest bathroom 300’s…)
  2. As you pack each room, record the items as you place them in each box. For Example in the Kitchen: Box 134- frying pans, cake pans, cookie sheet.
  3. Try to keep the numbers in order.
  4. See the example log below (this is typed for example purpose- I hand wrote my journal).   I recommend using  a notebook, three ring binder or journal to keep all the pages together in one place. 
  5. Seal the box and then label the box with the number on the top and on every side.
  6. If the items in the box are Fragile or Heavy be sure to label that on all sides as well.
  7. If you have help moving, hang a sign in each room with the number the numbers assigned to that room. I used a poster at both entrances to the home with the numbers and corresponding rooms so our helpers knew where they were heading with the  box. 

Now if you need something out of a box before you leave or as soon as you arrive you simply look through your list in your binder. It won’t matter how the boxes were put down because your boxes are labeled on every side.

Note you may want to make a First to Open Box or a Moving Bin with all the things you will need right away. Some of those items may be: toilet paper, soap, trash bags, scissors, hammer, screwdriver, pencils and paper, water, snacks and toothpaste.

Prior to listing our home, we decluttered the rooms, closets and cupboards. We packed up some of the items and rented a storage unit. In my journal I highlighted the lines in yellow of the boxes that were placed in the storage unit.


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