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Make Something
There’s an endless list of hobbies and crafts to choose from. Warm up the kitchen with fresh bread or cookies, make-your-own pizza night, or an online cooking class. Join a book club, knit a hat, build a bookshelf, put together an old-school photo album, or make your own candles and soaps. Make unexpected gifts like friendship bracelets, bookmarks, or painted rocks to send to your favorite people.

Play Games
Playing is serious business. Not only is it essential for both children and adults, but it’s the best way to have fun. From board games, cards, and puzzles to scavenger hunts, whole-house toy race tracks, and living room obstacle courses, there’s so much to play! Put together a garage band, learn to dance in the living room, or make a mini movie with toy action figures – or act it out yourself.

Make It an Event
Even everyday things can be special with a tiny bit of effort. Instead of lunch, have an indoor picnic! Have a movie or video game marathon day, complete with your favorite snacks. Host a home spa day, paint night, afternoon tea party, or a summer-themed dinner. Have a living room campout – complete with a tent or blanket fort, smores, and ghost stories!

Get Together
If you find yourself spending too much time with, well, yourself, it might be time for a gathering. Free from the traditions and expectations of the holidays, late winter get-togethers are a low-stress way to lift your spirits and have fun. Plan a get-together, anything on this list will be twice as fun with friends and family!

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