Dreaming of Your New Garden Plot

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If longer days have you dreaming of a new garden plot, these three questions will help get you started. With just a little planning, your new garden will be looking great in no time.

Why do you want this new garden bed?
Do you want something pretty to look at from your patio or a great vegetable harvest? Do you want to attract butterflies or relax tending the garden on Saturday afternoons? Whatever your reason, being clear about your goals will set you up for success.

Where do you want this new garden bed?
There are two different ways to go about this. Either you have chosen a site and need to figure out the best kind of garden for the spot, or you have chosen a type of garden and need to choose the best site. Generally, the best sites will receive lots of sunshine, have good drainage, convenient access, low wind, and clean soil.

Be mindful of low, spongy areas, most garden plants do not appreciate soggy roots. If your chosen plot has poor drainage, you can build a raised bed, install a drainage system, or even plan a pond with aquatic plants instead of a traditional garden.

Constant winds can dry out the soil, pull moisture from plant leaves, and exacerbate extreme weather conditions. If it’s practical, you may be able to install a windbreak.

Install raised garden beds to work around soil contaminated by pesticides, lead-based paint chips or asbestos, spilled oil or gasoline, and residues from burning coal or garbage.

Ensure your new plot will be convenient, with easy access to water and your tool storage. You’ll want your new garden bed to be comfortable to walk or wheel around in as well.

And if your area gets less than 6 hours of full sun every day, look for shade-friendly plants. A typical vegetable, herb, or flower garden just won’t thrive without adequate light.

What size and shape should it be?
Are you trying to match existing landscaping? Does the plot need to accommodate annual rototilling? Do you like right angles or sweeping curves? Will it have stone borders, or wooden raised beds, or a little picket fence? Decide what form your new garden plot will take before you start digging.

What will you be planting?
You may have already decided what to plant, but keep in mind that a vegetable garden will have different needs than a flowerbed or a series of well-trimmed bushes. Make sure your entire garden plan works together, including location, size and shape, and plantings.

Source: Wise Agent Newsletter, March 2024


  1. Yvonne OKane

    Great article. I guess, I never really thought of some of the different long term ideas that should be considered.
    Thank you for posting so many excellent posts for us,

    • Annette Hetrick

      Thank you, Yvonne! It’s always nice to think about fresh starts in the spring!


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