Is It Time To Get Out Of The Snow?

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Is It Time to Get Out of The Snow and Cold?

Have you ever considered moving out of the Midwest?  Where would you move?  Would you go permanently or still spend part of the year here?

A survey by Bankrate shows that half of people ages 50 to 64 would consider a move when they retire. 

Lance Lambert wrote an article for discussing the top growing retirement hot spots for baby boomers.  Most of the cities he mentions are what you would expect.  Places in Florida, Arizona, Texas & North Carolina.  A surprise to me was that Traverse City, Michigan made it on the list.  I am not sure I would pack up and move to another upper Midwestern state.

Moving Across Country?

I have moved across the county two times.  My husband and I moved from Appleton, WI to Fullerton, CA.  We were in our 20’s. We moved for my husband’s job so the company took care of the moving expenses.  We rented because we knew we would not be there long term. We lived there just over 3 years and were moved back to Appleton by the same company.


Now that we are getting closer to retirement we discuss if we would move somewhere warmer.  There are numerous things to consider because
we wouldn’t be moving for a job- so no income.  We aren’t being moved by an employer so we would be paying all of the moving expenses.

I am not qualified to give you advice on all the considerations that would need to be made prior to making a move.

Patrick Beagle, owner and president of WealthCrest Financial Services and other advisors say there are financial considerations, logistical aspects and quality-of-life
factors to weigh. And then all of those variables must coalesce.

One thing I can do for you is help you determine what your house is worth in the current market.   Selling your home will most likely be a part of the moving plan.

Give me a call today for your free market analysis. How is the value of your home determined?  Click here for a quick overview.

Click the links below for more information about making the big move and where to move.

In the meantime,


Boomer Boomtowns: America’s 10
Fastest-Growing Retirement Hot Spots

Think before you start packing


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