Planning the Perfect Mother’s Day

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Your mom is unparalleled. Your children’s mom is incomparable. Your stepmom, mother-in-law, foster mom, grandma, or aunt who is always there for you – each is one of a kind. And we celebrate each of them uniquely.
Some will serve Mom breakfast in bed and finger-painted greeting cards; some will take her to brunch after church. Some moms will meet at the park with their whole extended families, and some will have a sweet phone call across the miles.

Whether it’s a crazy day filled with chasing toddlers or a quiet spa day or just another day, a tiny bit of planning makes all the difference. Here are a couple of ideas to help you make sure Mom feels loved and appreciated this Mother’s Day.

Do The Planning: Whether you’re making reservations and inviting everyone to brunch, giving gifts, or having activities with the kids, make arrangements ahead of time and take care of all the details. It will feel good to know you thought of her and made an effort. There are tons of times when mothers handle all the plans, order all the things, call all the people, and sort all the details, but we’re trying to do something nice for Mom, not make extra work for her. Whatever preparations are needed, handle them.

Do The Chores: Speaking of not making extra work for Mom, plan to pick up some of the work she might normally do – especially if you have small children. If the kids cook or make crafts for Mom, she’ll appreciate it even more if she doesn’t have a huge mess to clean up later. For older kids, any extra chores they could help with are great – housework, yard work, garden prep, or detailing her car are wonderful gestures.

Do Something She Will Love: It’s easy to default to flowers and cards, and if she loves it, that’s great. But if Mom really needs a break, arrange alone time for her. If Mom would love to go out with the whole family, plan a trip to the zoo or the museum. If she loves sentimental gifts, get her personalized jewelry or art. If she loves personal touches, make her a memory jar, write her a letter, or make art for her. Every mother is unique, do something she will appreciate and love.


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