Summer Fun with Vintage Backyard Games

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With summer in full swing, we’ve got some great vintage game ideas to make your backyard barbecues the most fun events of the summer! Your friends and family will be racing to schedule your next get-together!

Why vintage games?

  • Someone already has one of these games, no need to buy new.
  • Nostalgia. Not only do they bring up great memories, but anyone who played these games in their youth is sure to have great stories to share.
  • Simple to learn and easy to play, these games can be great across age groups.
  • These games are great icebreakers and conversation starters.

In many areas, badminton is a serious sport, but as a casual lawn game, there’s no need to be too serious about it. The net is lightweight and easy to set up, rackets are lightweight, and as few as 2 people can make a game of it. And if you don’t know someone who has a setup, they’re still widely available and inexpensive at stores that sell sporting goods.

Croquet can be a little more complex for new players, but not only does someone you know probably have a set, but the rules for “Golf Croquet” are great for beginners, for lots of people, and for shorter playing periods.

It doesn’t get much more vintage than this! Legend has it that horseshoes was played in Ancient Rome over 2000 years ago. All you need is some fairly level ground, a couple of stakes, and some horseshoes.

Whether casually tossing one around or playing a full-on team game, Frisbee is a long-time favorite. It’s hard to believe that a little flying disc, fashioned after tossing a cake pan or pie tin around, grew into such a well-known and widespread pastime, but we’re so glad it did!

Mini Golf
The most fun thing about backyard mini golf is that you can make a course from anything. There are sets you could buy, but you can just as easily choose random household items for tunnels, ramps, hoops, obstacles, and so on. In the 1920s, players were even building courses on their rooftops!

Now that you’ve got a couple of ideas, what games are you planning for your next backyard barbecue?

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