The Little House on the Channel – Christmas Edition

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I published this the first time in 2016. We still love it here!

This is our first Christmas in the Little House! Given that the house is 780 Sq feet I was a little apprehensive about decorating. Would I even have room for a tree? Where would the tree go? Could I have more than 1 tree as I have had for the past number of years?

We really only had one location that a Christmas tree would fit on the inside. I love real trees so a fake one for my only indoor tree was not an option. My husband measured the space so that we did not purchase a tree too large for the space! (We always purchase trees off the lot after one very “Griswold Christmas tree cutting” episode). We found a lovely short and slender enough tree at the second lot we stopped at. Because of the size of the tree I chose mostly our glass ornaments to decorate with this year. Next year I may use only the wooden ones.

One of the many advantages I have found living in a small house is you can change the look of the whole home in a few easy steps. I covered my couch pillows with Christmas pillowcases, took down the decorations on the ledge and put up my nativities, got the Christmas quilt and kitchen towels and TADA…Christmas.

I couldn’t stop myself and did have to put up a second tree. We went to a thrift store and purchased a fake tree – I am okay with fake trees as long as I have one real tree. We purchased the shatterproof ornaments and placed it outside on our deck. Now in the morning I can drink my coffee and look at both of my Christmas trees.

My husband helped with my need for Christmas decorating by putting up outside lights on the front of the house and garage and on some of our little trees and bushes. I think it looks like a Christmas card!

Having a little house has made me really choose what some of my favorite decorations are, what ones really mean something to me or to my family. Less decorating time gives me more time for family and friends, which is what the season is really for!!


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